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Freezing Eps:1-4


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Season 1 Eps:1-4

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Eps : 1 - Untouchable Queen

Satellizer el Bridget is the top-ranked Pandora at the West Genetics academy, but her status as the "Untouchable Queen" is jeopardized by a strange encounter with young Kazuya Aoi.

Eps : 2 - Pandora Mode

Kazuya's attempt to apologize to Satellizer is interrupted by the arrival of Ganessa, who appears eager for a rematch. When the poor boy gets caught up in the battle, Satellizer reveals a fierce new ability!

Eps : 3 - Accelerating Turn

Kazuya gets caught up in a catfight between Satellizer and a cold-hearted classmate who collects Limiters. When his Untouchable Queen is humiliated by her sultry attacker, Kazuya shockingly unleashes his true powers!

Eps : 4 - Tempest Turn

When Satellizer is challenged to a duel by the powerful "Protector of Order", she is given twenty-four hours to find a Limiter - or she will be forced to face her latest foe alone.


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Freezing Eps:1-4

Freezing Eps:1-4

Season 1 Eps:1-4

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