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Freezing Eps:9-12


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Season 1 Eps:9-12

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Eps : 9 - Godspeed of the East

Kazuya meets a Pandora who carries the essence of his dead sister, and East Genetics Academy is attacked by four Novas with unprecedented abilities!

Eps : 10 - Nova Form

Satellizer confronts Kazuya over his interest in becoming her Limiter, and the Nova turn fallen Pandoras into an unstoppable attack force headed straight for the precious Ravensborne Nucleochede.

Eps : 11 - Ambush! Ravensborne Nucloechede

As the slave Nova-Pandora hybrids approach the Ravensborne Nucleochede, Satellizer and her comrades stage a desperate last stand in order to protect the source of their power.

Eps : 12 - Satellizer vs Pandora

In the heat of battle, Satellizer pushes her powers to unnatural levels, putting her at risk of being possessed by the Nova. To survive, she'll need help Kazuya, her fellow Pandoras, and one of their fallen comrades!


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Freezing Eps:9-12

Freezing Eps:9-12

Season 1 Eps:9-12

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